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Frequently asked questions

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"The only stupid question is the one not asked."
Below you will find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions we have received. If you have any questions that have not been answered here, or on this website, go to contact  or just  email us and a BritishGuyHomes representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

  1. 1
    What do i need to rent one of your properties
    A completed application with a proven record of past good tenant behaviour, (we will contact landlords to obtain information regarding your previous rental). You will provide proof of the ability to pay the rent each month, and when accepted first and last month’s rent will secure the home in your name. Make a good first impression!
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    Where can i get an application form and how do i submit it when complete f
    Applications are available at the showing or by request . you can scan and email the form to us or we can arrange to pick it up from you
  3. 3
    Why do i need a deposit?
    A non refundable deposit is required to provide confidence of your commitment . We will cease marketing the rental only upon receipt of a deposit. which can be made via email transfer , Cash or money order, sorry personal cheques cannot be used for deposits.
  4. 4
    What if i never rented before?
    Ideally we like to look at past behavior to predict future. however If you never have rented before you will need references from people that are willing to vouch for you. Sometimes a guarantor may be required
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    When can i see the home?
    If the unit is currently occupied we will need a minimum of 24 hours to arrange your showing. if unoccupied we can show at any mutually agreed time.
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    Why was my application denied?
    There are many reasons applications are denied please review application denied in information
  7. 7
    What is a student rental?
    student rentals are located close to Queens or SLC the buildings are designated for students in order to maintain harmony among like tenants.
  8. 8
    Do you have rentals not shown here
    We update our listing regularly but feel free to contact us with your requirement.
  9. 9
    I gave you a deposit but i have changed my mind and do not want to proceed. Can i get back my deposit?
    Your rent deposit is non refundable in this circumstance. When you pay your deposit, it is important that you are 100% sure that you would like to rent the apartment. The only case in which your deposit will be refunded is if you paid it prior to the application being approved and your application was denied for any reason
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    How long are your leases?
    Our leases are initially 1 full year and revert to month to month after the year is up. By Ontario law 60 days notice is always necessary to break a lease.
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    Can i Sublet my apartment?
    Yes you can sublet ,however all tenants must be approved by management please obtain an application form and submit it to britishguyhomes for approval, once accepted the sublet will make arrangements with the tenant for payment of rent. The original tenant remains responsible for the unit and payments to us. If a unit is sublet or reassigned without our consent, it is considered unauthorized. we can file an application with the Board to evict both the original tenant(s) and the unauthorized occupant(s).